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About Mosch Electric Motors

Officially incorporated in 1965, Mosch Electric Motors has been serving north central Montana for close to 60 years. We are a family-owned business focused on sales and repair of equipment powered by electric motors and small gas engines. In addition to rewinding electric motors, our repair services include irrigation pumps, well pumps, sewer pumps, generators, lawn care equipment, and power tools.

Our Team Of Experts

Terry Button-a

Terry Button

Owner / Manager

Terry Button started working at Mosch in 1971. In 1985 he and a partner moved the business to the current location at 2513 17th St NE in Black Eagle, Montana. Terry is seen as the area expert when it comes to electric motors and generators, having over 50 years of experience in the trade. He has repaired every kind of equipment involving an electric motor in his time with Mosch. Terry has been the sole owner of Mosch Electric Motors since 2005 and has been the face of the business ever since.

Denise Waltari-a

Denise Waltari

Denise Waltari has worked for Mosch Electric Motors since 2003 as office manager and bookkeeper. Denise has been the person to ask about any piece of equipment in the shop, as she oversees most work orders. Denise is also very adept at locating parts for power tools and determining warranty coverage.

Duane Rahn-a

Duane Rahn

Duane Rahn is a more recent addition to the Mosch Electric Motors family. Having worked at Mosch for a brief time in the past, Duane came back permanently in 2021. Duane has a background as a parts and service manager in both the automotive and agricultural fields. He focusses on small engine repair in addition to his role as customer service. Duane is also the Scag Power Equipment salesman at Mosch Electric Motors.

Connor Root-a

Connor Root

Connor Root is Terry’s grandson and is learning the trade of electric motor repair. Connor began with repairing power tools and picked up the skill quickly. He is learning everything he can about electric motors as well as small gas engines. Mosch Electric Motors is pleased to have the next generation of technician in training. We are looking forward to many years of his presence as he develops into the new face of Mosch Electric Motors.

BJ Fry

William “BJ” Fry

BJ Fry has been with Mosch since 2009. Having multiple mechanical abilities, BJ has thrived in an environment that has a diverse agenda each day. He is a skilled motor rewinder, having rewound motors as small as a kitchen mixer and as large as 300hp. BJ is not limited to rewinding, however, as he often repairs starters, alternators, and electronic devices of all sorts.

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